How to set PTZ Tour function on Webpage

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Step 1

Please login your device on the browser and go to the Setting>PTZ>Function, and choose the Tour function mode.

Step 2

Please ensure you have created some preset points before and we can link those points together to create a new tour task.

Step 3

Please click Add button and double click the Tour Name to rename it.

Step 4

Please choose the preset number you need and adjust the period and speed. (the Preset’s default value is 1, residual time of single preset point is 15-3600s, and the speed is 1-10.)

Step 5

Please save it. Then we have created a new combination of these preset points you select.

Step 6

Click refresh to ensure if the tour saved successed and click start to see if it can work.

2 thoughts on - How to set PTZ Tour function on Webpage

  • HI Team ,

    Can we reduce time of single preset point from 15 to 10 or 5 , because i found many customers wanted to decrease this preset point time.

    • Hi Neeraj,
      The minimum retention time for the new version of PTZ is 15s. You can use Scan function to meet the requirement of customers, and the effect is the same as Tour function.
      Hope it helps.