How to set IP address

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Configure the IP address and DNS server of the Device to connect it to other devices in the network.


Before configuring network parameters, make sure that the Device is connected to the network properly.

>If there is no router in the network, assign an IP address in the same network segment.

>If there is a router in the network, set the corresponding gateway and subnet mask.

Step 1、Select Setting > Network > TCP/IP.

The TCP/IP interface is displayed.

Step 2、Set TCP/IP parameters. For details, see Table

Host NameSet the name of the current device. The host name can be English or Chinese within 63 bytes.
Ethernet CardSelect the Ethernet card to be configured. Wire is selected by default.Note:If the Device is configured with multiple Ethernet cards, the default Ethernet card can be changed. If you reset the default Ethernet card, restart the Device.
ModeStatic and DHCP modes are available.If DHCP is selected, the IP address is obtained automatically. In this case, the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway cannot be set.If Static is selected, you need to set the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway manually.
MAC AddressDisplay the MAC address of the Device.
IP VersionYou can select IPv4 or IPv6. Both versions are supported and can be accessed.
IP AddressEnter correct digits to change the IP address.
Subnet MaskSet the subnet mask according to actual conditions. The subnet prefix is a number in the range of 1 to 255. The subnet prefix identifies a specific network link, and usually contains a hierarchical structure.Note:The Device checks the validity of all IPv6 addresses. The IP address andthe default gateway must be in the same network segment. Make sure thata certain part of the subnet prefix in the IP address and default gatewayare the same.
Default GatewayConfigure as needed. The default gatewaymust be in the same network segment as the IPaddress.Note:For IPv6 version, in theIP  Address,  DefaultGateway,  PreferredDNS,  and  AlternateDNS fields, enter 128bits, and these fieldscannot be blank.
Preferred DNSIP address of the DNS server.
Alternate DNSAlternate IP address of the DNS server.
EnableARP/Ping to setIP addressserviceSelect the check box, and then you can modify and set the device IP address through ARP/Ping command if the MAC address is known. The function is enabled by default. During reboot, you will have no more than 2 minutes to configure the Device IP address by a ping packet with certain length. The server will be turned off in 2 minutes, or it will be turnedoff immediately after the IP address is successfully configured. If the function is not enabled, the IP address cannot be configured with ping packet.

Step 3、Click save.