How to set the CBR/VBR

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Step 1

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Step 2

Please click Setting>Camera>video>video and find Bite Rate Type to choose the type you want,and you need to choose the corresponding bit rate as well, as you can see in the tips below:


You can set a referenced stream value so that the encoding processor will adjust the compression rate to control the stream in the required range.

E.g. For indoor scenes, due to less moving objects, the configuration stream is 2Mbps to meet the requirements. For road monitoring scenarios, due to the scene changes, you may need to configure the bit rate to 4Mbps.

You can set different stream type for different application scenarios.

CBR(Constants Bit Rate) means the stream will be controlled in a constant range.

Advantage: The stream is steady.

Disadvantage: The picture quality will go down when the video has a lot of dynamic information.

VBR(Variable Bitrate) means the stream is variable according to the video dynamic information.

Advantage: The picture quality is good even the video has a lot dynamic information.

Disadvantage: The Stream will be large and need more storage when the video has a lot of dynamic information.


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