How to set backlight compensation and WDR function

  85   Network Cameras

You can use this function to adjust the backlight compensation mode of the monitoring screen.

The backlight function cannot be configured if defog function is enabled.

Step1:Select Setting > Camera > Conditions > Conditions > Backlight.

Step2:Select a backlight mode from the list.

There are 4 options: Off, BLC, HLC, and WDR.  

Off: Backlight is disabled. l

BLC: Backlight compensation corrects regions with extremely high or low levels of light to maintain a normal and usable level of light for the object in focus.

WDR: When in WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) mode, the Device constrains over bright areas and compensates dark areas to improve the image clarity.

HLC: Highlight compensation dims strong light, so that the Device can capture details of faces and license plates in extreme light conditions. It is applicable to the entrance and exit of toll stations or parking lots.

Step3:Click Save.

If you select Off, other backlight mode configurations will not be effective.