How to set OSD info, like temperature, coordinate, channel name, time

  138   Network Cameras

If you want to display preset title, temperature, PTZ life warning,

coordinates, zoom, north direction, RS485, and other information on the monitoring screen, you can set OSD info.

Step1:Select Setting>Camera>Video>Overlay>OSD info

Preset: Set the duration of the preset title displaying on the screen.

You can select from Disable, 5s, 15s, Display Permanently, and Custom. 

Temperature: Select the Enable check box, select the termperature unit, and then the internal termperature of the Device is displayed.

PTZ Life Warning: When the PTZ lifespan is close to the threshold, a warning will be displayed on the Live interface. This OSD info is enabled by default.

Coordinates/Zoom/North/RS485/Text Overlay: Select the Enable check box to display the corresponding OSD info on the screen.

You can adjust the OSD info location by dragging the box.

There are two options for alignment of text overlay: Left and Right.