How to configure Face Recognition

  315   Network Cameras

【1】Product Model(Version)

Model: IPC-HF8242F-FR
Firmware: DH_IPC-HX8X4X-Warpway_Eng_P_Stream3_V2.622.106F000.0.T.20180314.bin

【2】Description of the problem

This document is for fast configuration for IPC-HF8242F-FR camera for face recognition, which could be applied for the entrance gate and VIP customer distinguish application.

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)


4-1 Precondition

  • Start Setting Face Recognition Function
  • –Smart Plan->Face Recognition

4-2 Step by Step Instructions

  1. Face Recognition Configuration

If human face is too dark, you can enable the face exposure

  1. Add Database

1) add one group first, I name it as port

2)Press more info, you can register face

3)Register Face

4) Confirm in task list

5) Set similarity threshold and deploy

6) Alarm
You can set alarm based on the face recognition result

7) Live to check the result by clicking