How to Configure People Counting

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【1】Product Model(Version)



【2】Description of the problem

This manual is for fast configuration for people counting camera. This 3D camera can help filter many false people counting data and deliver perfect solution for retail/shopping mall, ect

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)


4-1 Precondition

  • People Counting Setting
  • Smart Plan->Enable People Counting

Ground Calibration

Daw a rectangle and save. Camera will automatically calculate the height and angle right now. you can also do the adjustment.

4-2 Step by Step Instructions

  1. You can’t Enable A&B function together.
  2. People Counting (Line Crossing)
  3. Enable people counting
  4. Draw the rule
  5. Enable OSD
  6. You can enable the alarm due to the counting numbers.
  1. People Counting(Area)
  2. Enable In Area No.
  3. Draw the rule
  4. Enable OSD and Inside Number