How to set IVS rule

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Step 1 Enable smart scenarios. (Ignore this step when using post-smart.)

      Note: When using Pre-Intelligence, the corresponding intelligent scheme needs to be enabled before the intelligent detection function can be used.

      Route: Main Menu>AI>parameters>Smart Plan. 

Pay attention to the choice of camera channel.

Step 2 Set up the smart detection function.

      When the target moves through the trip line according to the set direction, the system will execute the alarm linkage action.

  1. Select Main Menu>AI>Parameters>IVS.
  2. Select the channel and type.
  3. Click Add to select the rule type.
  4. Check enable.

Step 3 Draw detection rules.

  1. Click draw, draw rules in the displayed monitoring screen, and right-click to finish drawing. Click Remove to delete the drawn detection rule.

Click to draw the filter box and adjust the size and position of the filter box. Each rule can set two target filters, namely the maximum size and the minimum size. The alarm is triggered only when the detection target size is between the minimum size and the maximum size.

Step 3 Set parameters.

Direction: Set here the direction of tripping line intrusion.

Step 4 Set up defense planning and alarm linkage.

  1. Click on the settings on the right side of the clothing plan to set the clothing period.

After the setup is completed, the system can only link the corresponding alarm action if the alarm is triggered within the time period of the protection.

2.Set alarm linkage action.

Step 5 Click OK save to settings.

Step 6 Intelligent Search.

      Set up the result of IVS detection after IVS linked alarm video recording is completed.

  1. Select Main Menu>AI>AI Search>IVS.

2.Select the channel, start time, end time and event type, and click Search.

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At the same time, it can also query the relevant information in the alarm information.

Note: Other intelligent detection setting steps are the same as this setting, please follow this content.