How to clip the record and export it?

  48   Network Recorders

Step 1

      Select Main Menu>SEARCH.

Step 2

      Select date, camera channel.

Step 3

      Play back the video and click the

button to display the clip bar on the timeline.

Step 4

      Set video clip time

  1. Enter the start and end times you want to suggest in the time box.
  2. Press and hold the video clip border (such as the white triangle in the picture) and drag left and right to select the start and end time of the clip video.

Step 5

      Click the


Step 6

      Select the place to store the video file and click OK.



Note: Back up the video files to the external USB storage device.

In the Backup Action menu, you can deselect files that do not need to be backed up.

By selecting Video Merge, you can merge multiple backup video clips into one video.

Step 7

      You can find the video files in the place where you saved.