How to configure the alarm output

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Set the alarm port output mode of the device, including automatic, manual and shutdown. When the alarm output port of the device is connecting to the alarm device and the alarm linkage alarm output function is enabled, the alarm output mode needs to be set to “automatic” before the system can execute the alarm linkage action.

Step 1

      Select Main Menu>Alarm>Alarm-out port.

Step 2

      Set the normal alarm output mode.

Automatic: it means that the alarm device will send out an alarm when the alarm event is triggered.

Manual: it means that the alarm equipment is always in the alarm state.

Off: it indicates that the alarm output function is not enabled.

Note: Operate in the “all” column to set the alarm mode of all alarm output channels synchronously.

When the alarm device is in the alarm mode, the “state” of the corresponding alarm output channel is displayed as .

When you click “reset automatically” on the right, you can reset the alarm.

Step 3

      Click OK save to settings.