How to deal with stutter while playing video

  223   Network Cameras

【1】Product Model(Version)

Model: any model
Version: any version

【2】Description of the problem

Live of camera stutters obviously.
【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)

1. If only live stuttered but playback is normal, network delay would be the most likely reason.
2. If live stutter more when PTZ under min. optical zoom, the complex scene may be the reason because of Iframe restrict.
3. If the firmware is very old version, frame rate may be some lost (e.g. set frame rate as 25 on web, but actually only 20 frames).
4. If camera has been connected to platform, the platform may subscribe event and camera would enable some functions such as motion detection or alarm, which may result in the stutter.


1. Test the network bandwidth, and check the real-time bit stream of main stream. If camera connect interchanger, check if the interchanger bandwidth is able to import multichannel or not;
2. Check I frame internal, and offer repair procedure;
3. Update the latest firmware;
4. Close subscribe functions such as motion detection and alarm.