How to do smart search

  65   Network Recorders


  1. Smart Search only supports channels that have enabled dynamic detection. On the Home Menu interface, select the Alarm Settings > Video Detection > Dynamic Detection interface and turn on the dynamic detection function for corresponding channels.

2、You cannot configure the dynamic inspection area in full screen.

3、The area of the motion is the entire playback area of the currently selected picture by default.

4、The time axis switching, playback and frame-by-frame playback are not allowed during motion detection playback.

Step 1:Select Main Menu>SEARCH.

Step 2:Select Date, Camera Channel, click

to play the video. Click

. It displays  grid the on the screen.

Note: Smart search is only available for single channel playback

Step 3:Drag the left mouse button to select the detection area.

Note: Device supports grid selection of 22 x 18 (PAL), 22 x 15 (NTSC)

Step 4:Click

to enter Smart Playback, and the picture will only show a video with a dynamic picture in the detection area.

Step 5:Click

 again to launch Smart Playback.