How to enable ONVIF access in IP cameras

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How to enable ONVIF access in IP cameras

Step 1: Access to the Web Interface

Access to your IP camera through Web Interface, typing the correct IP address in your Web browser (we recommend to use Internet Explorer) or pressing the button in the ConfigTool software (Figure 1)

Figure 1

Step 2: Enable the ONVIF service

Log in into the device with the correct user name and password, then go to SettingàSystemàSafetyàSystem serviceàOnvif service and enable the service, then press save(Figure 2)

Figure 2

Step 3: Enable Authentication

It is always recommended that for security reason we enable the Authentication on our device, so when someone will try to access to our camera will be forced to provide a correct user name and password.

To do that, just go to SettingàNetworkàAccess PlatformàONVIFàAuthentication, enable the setting and save(Figure 3)

Figure 3

Step 4: Create a new ONVIF user

When you enable the service automatically, will be possible to access through ONVIF using your default user (username admin). If you want to create a different user with a different password that can access to the camera only through ONVIF, you can do it in SettingàSystemàAccountàOnvif User and here press on Add user(Figure 4)

Figure 4

After that you press on that, a new window will pop up, here you can create the user name, the password and the group list to assign different rights to that user. After that, press on save (Figure 5)

Figure 5