How to get the new license of AI PTZ

  350   PTZ Cameras

【1】Product Model(Version)

【2】Description of the problem

If you find that your AL PTZ can’t trigger any AI function, such as IVS or face detection. At this time, you can try to apply for the new AL license for this PTZ.

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)

This is a firmware bug which will occurs in the old version of PTZ, you can solve this issue by upgrading the newest version or apply for the new AI license for this PTZ.


4-1 Precondition
Ø Chinese version of configtool(only chinese version support this function currently)
Ø laptop
Ø Provide the SN to dahua technical engineer

4-2 Step by Step Instructions
Step 1: Opening the Chinese version configtool.

Step 2: confirm that export the configuration file successfully and send it to dahua technical support engineer.

Step 3 : after you get the new license, import it by configtool and reboot the PTZ, the end.