How to Issue card

  334   VDP
  1. Issue card on VTO terminal

First you need to set project password on VTO website. Note that you cannot save successfully unless fill in all kinds of password.


Local setting à Access Control à Local

Step1: Enter advanced setting on VTO by input “*(project-password)#”

Step2: Enter User Registration

Step3: Add user (contains Fingerprint & Card & Face)

Please turn to Fig.2 for reference.

  1. Issue card on VTO web

Configuration path:

Household setting à Personal Managementà Add

  1. Issue card via DSS Express

Step1. Enter Personal management

Step2. Add new department

Step3. Add new person

Step4. Input personal information. Note that the box with red star is required while others are optional.

Step5. Input user details.

Step6. Enter authentication

The card number will be represented when add card successfully.

Note that if you would like to unlock with card and password combination for access control devices, you are able to change the unlocking password if the person has permission as it shows in the yellow box below.

Also, you can collect fingerprint if there is a need.

Step8. Authorize door access: That is to say, you need to bond the user with the access channel, as shown below.

Now you are able to see the card is issued successfully.