How to mark and replay a video

  62   Network Recorders

When playing back the video, you can add tags on the important videos. Later, you can find and play back the tagged video files by searching the tag time and tag name quickly.

Step 1

      Select Main Menu>SEARCH.

Step 2

      Select record type, date, camera channel.


or anywhere on the timeline where you want to start.

Step 3

      Click the

 button to set the label name.

Step 4

      After selecting the date and camera channel, click the

button in the lower right corner to query the set label of this channel.

Note: Only one channel label can be queried at once.

After setting the time period, click to query the qualified label videos.

Step 6

      Double click the label to record. The system plays back the video from the time of the label.

Step 7


 to enter the label management interface.

Step 8

      Select the channel, start time, and end time, and click search. The system displays the tag videos that meet the query conditions.

Step 9

      Manage label videos.

Double click the label video to modify the name of the label video.

After selecting the label video, click Delete to delete the label video.