How to modify system time

  72   Network Recorders

It supports 2 type of time mode, manual set system time and TNP syn.

Manual setting:

Step1:choose SETTING>SYSTEM>General>Date & Time,and set the time according to your needs, and click Save >OK.


After NTP setting, the device can sync time with the NTP server.

Step1:Choose NTP and input the ip address and port of NTP server, set the upgrade period. And click OK to save.

Note:Please ensure that the time you want to reset is after the time of the latest video saved in system, if you want to change the system time. Otherwise, it will fail to search the video. For instant, the latest video is at 10h-12h, and you want to change the time to 11h, then it can not search the video which happen after 11h.