How to recording in Milestone platform

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【1】Product Model(Version)

 SD model: DH-SD60230T-HNI
 SD firmware version :

【2】Description of the problem

Customer add device of DH-SD60230U-HNI to Milestone Platform ,the normal recording is working , but the ANR function is not working .The SD also support SD card, the offline recording is in the SD card, customer want ANR function to the Milestone platform.

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)

First we check the firmware of the SD , if it can support third-party platform recording , like Milestone/genetech.
Check the Milestone software version, and ANR function is available or not
Test in domestic rnd team , and check for the issue from site.
Review the testing on site and find the root cause: Setting from the Milestone platform Client is not correct.


1. Upgrade to the latest firmware which can support Milestone platform.
2. From the platform, add the device to Milestone Server.
3. Extend the unit tree in Recording Servers.
4. Then chose the Camera node , go to Properties Window , click Record tab.
5. Enable the Remote recordings-Automatically retrieve remote recording when connection is restored.
6. Save it.

2 thoughts on - How to recording in Milestone platform

    • Dear Suraj Kumar,
      The platform is not a Dahua product, but a third-party open platform. It has the functions of collecting all the videos from IP cameras and video servers, performing basic video processing, storing the videos in the database, and providing remote login for real-time monitoring, control and playback.
      Thank you!