How to set main/sub stream manually

  65   Network Recorders

Note:With the code stream switching function, the main and secondary streams of the channel can be switched according to the current network bandwidth.

Operation on Web

Click the drop-down menu of the camera channel in the preview interface to switch the code stream.

Operation on Local

In the preview interface, move the mouse to the top of the interface, and then click

to modify in the pop-up navigation bar.

Parameter interpretation

Main Code Stream: Large code stream, high video clarity, high bandwidth, suitable for large screen monitoring, storage, etc. Auxiliary.

Code Stream: The video has poor clarity, but takes up less bandwidth, and the video is smoother. It is suitable for small screen monitoring, remote connection and so on. Move the mouse over the middle area of the channel screen and click

to switch the main and secondary streams of the channel.

M: Represents the main stream.

S: Indicating the secondary code stream. Some devices support the switching of multiple extended code streams, which are represented by