How to set motion detection?

  92   Network Recorders

Step 1:Select Main menu>ALARM>Video Detection>Motion Detection.

Step 2:Select the channel of the camera and check the enable switch.

Step 3:Set the detection area, name, sensitivity and threshold.

Step 4: Set the schedule.

Step 5: Select the linkage alarm action you need.

      Note: Pay attention to choose the record channel.

Step 6: Click OK to save the settings.

Step 7: Linkage video

Select Main menu>STORAGE>Schedule.

      Note: Pay attention to select the camera channel.

Step 8: Set the recording period and type.

Step 9 : Turn on automatic video recording.

Note: When all video linkage actions turn on, Video Priority: Motion Detection &Alarm > Alarm > POS > Intelligence > Motion Detection > Ordinary Video Recording.

View alarms

Step: Select Main menu>Alarm>Alarm Subscription.

select Motion Detection type.

You can see the alarm message.