How to set the instant tour and triggered tour?

  139   Network Recorders

Through the function of touring, multiple video pictures can be played in a circular way.

Note:After the alarm event of closing tour or linkage tour is eliminated, the system returns to the preview screen before tour.

Step 1

Select Main Menu>Display>Tour Setting.

Step 2 Click Enable switch to enable.

Step 3 Set tour parameters.


Interval: set the interval time of the tour, that is, the display time of each group of pictures. The time range is 5 seconds to 120 seconds, and the system defaults to 5 seconds.

Preview layout: set the layout mode of preview screen. When it is “single picture”, multiple pictures will be displayed one by one. When it is “four pictures”, multiple pictures will be displayed in a group of four.

Channel combination: displays all combinations under the current screen segmentation.

Dynamic inspection tour and alarm Tour: set the screen segmentation mode of dynamic inspection tour and alarm tour. Note that only single screen and eight screen are supported.

      Step 4 Click Ok save to settings. 

For Example

Set real-time preview four screen Tour:

Step 1

      Enable tour setting switch.

Step 2

      Set preview layout to 4 pictures.

Note: Other layouts will be turned on by default. Please turn off the other layouts one by one and keep only the four screen layout.

Step 3 Click OK save to settings.

Motion Tour

The basic settings are the same as above, plus you need to turn on a tour of the motion detection and the corresponding link channel cameras.