How to setup the recorder for the 1st time use

  69   Network Recorders


Set region and language according to the actual environment after you boot up. The Device Initialization page is displayed.


End-User License Agreement – Read through the End-User License Agreement, when ready check the agreement box to enable “Next”.


Set system time and time zone according to the actual environment.


Set the password for device, also enter the information in the Prompt Question box that will remind you of the password.

If you have forgot your password, please click this

on login page, the prompt will display to help you reset the password.

Also we can set the unlock pattern according to your needs. Once you have configured the unlock pattern, the system will set the unlock pattern by default.

If you do not want to configure the unlock pattern, click Skip

Step5:Password Protection

After configuration, if you forget the password for admin user, you can reset the password through the reserved email address or security questions. If you do not want to configure the settings, disable the email address and security questions functions on the interface. If you forget the password and also disable this function, you need to click forget password in login page to set a reserved email address to reset the password of admin.

Note: Go to Main Menu>ACCOUNT>PASSWORD RESET to edit the reserve mail address or the security question, if your info is wrong.


The device will do the auto check daily, if you select the Auto-check for updates check box, the system will notify you automatically when firmware updates are available. Also, you can disable it according to the real needs.


Set the basic infos, like the Device No, Language, Video Standard and so on. You can set these parameters according to your requirements.

Non-login User Permission: choose the channel you want to view on the Permission without login, the monitor will display the channel, otherwise, the live page will be locked


Set the Date and Time and the Holiday setting according to your needs.

It displays the holiday option in video and snapshot setting after set the Holiday setting, we can set the motion schedule under this path: Main Menu>Storage>Schedule>Video/Snapshot>Period

Step9: Click

option to enter the TCP/IP page,connect to the network by choosing the network mode and inputting the IP address, also click Test option to see the IP address is available or not.

Step10:P2P To assist you in managing the device remotely , if you don’t agree about the function, please deselect the check box.


Click research device, the uninitialized camera status is

select the check box of this camera and initialize it.

The system will inform us to input the device password while initializing the device, we can apply the device password and mail sync by select the check box Use local password and email

Step12:Modify the IP address of the device and ensure the IP address and default gateway must be in the same network segment.


After finish initialization, its status should be

then we choose camera to add, when the camera status is green which means device is online.

Step14: Set the specific parameters according to your actual needs after connection successfully, the device records 24 hours by default.

After the above settings, you can see preview and playback normally.