How to solve the problem of blur on one side of the image

  175   PTZ Cameras

【1】Product Model(Version)

Model: any model;
Version: any version; 

【2】Description of the problem

The zoom function of the camera is normal, but it is blurry on the left side of the image (as shown in Figure 1.7), part of which may be the lower left corner or the upper left corner, and the performance is most obvious at the minimum multiple.

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)

    The screws that fix the sensor board and the lens are individually loosened, causing blur on one side of the lens, which is a problem of the early glue dispensing process. At present, the production of the movement is all fixed with UV glue, which has avoided this problem.

    Canon lens quality problems, after a certain period of use, there will be problems with the resolution of one side of the lens dropping. At present, all products related to this lens have been discontinued and sold.

 It may be improved by expanding the curve; the best way to deal with it is to return the movement to the repair station, re-tighten the screw that locks the Sensor plate and dispense glue, and then correct the movement curve again.

    Solve by replacing other alternative models of movement, you can consult the dome camera product line for details.