How to trigger PTZ action when the event occurs

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fter setting the linkage PTZ, when the alarm is triggered, the system linkage performs PTZ actions, such as linkage PTZ rotating to the specified preset point.

Note:The device has been connected to the PTZ device, and the PTZ device has set preset points, and patrol tracks.

      The PTZ action of different alarm linkage is different, please refer to the actual interface display.

Here, taking the example of opening the cloud platform of intelligent dynamic detection event linkage.

Step 1

      Select Main Menu>Alarm>Video Detection.

Step 2

      Click settings on the right side of PTZ linkage.

Step 3

      Enable function and set the PTZ action of the channel.

      Select “preset point” and enter the value of preset point in the text box. When the alarm is triggered, the channel will automatically turn to the preset point.

Step 4

      Click OK save to settings.

Step 5

      Take setting the linkage pan tilt to preset point 2 as an example.

When the alarm is triggered, the monitoring screen of PTZ device will automatically turn to preset point 2 in the preview interface.