How to trigger voice prompts when the event occurs

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After setting the linkage voice prompt, the system plays the selected voice file when the alarm is triggered.

Note: After uploading the voice file to the device, the alarm linkage voice prompt can be set.

Support mp3 and PCM voice files.

The size of the voice file must be from 2k to 10MB.

Up to 20 voice files can be uploaded.

Step 1

      Select Main Menu>Audio>File Management.

Step 2

      Select local for type.

Step 3

      Click add, select the path of the voice file, and add the voice file.

Step 4

      Click Ok save to settings.

Step 5

      In the alarm configuration interface, set the alarm linkage voice prompt.

      Here we take the setting of intelligent dynamic detection alarm linkage voice prompt as an example.

      In the intelligent dynamic detection interface, select “alarm sound”, and select the voice file to be played in the “alarm sound” drop-down box.

Step 6

     Click OK save to settings.