how to configure audio

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【1】Product Model(Version)


【2】Description of the problem

In Dahua we provide inbuilt audio cameras or we have some external audio supporting camera how to configure this audio functions in dvr/nvr.that is described bellow.

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)

The step by step procedure of connecting and configuring audio device in Dahua dvr/nvr is explained bellow.
1-inbuilt audio camera
2-connect the audio device into camera
3-dvr configurations
4-checking the audio


1-Inbuilt audio camera.

In Dahua we have somany inbuilt audio camera devices,our hdcvi technology is supporting in this condition we don’t need to connect an additional audio mice to our camera.

2-connect the audio device into camera.

We also have some cameras don’t have inbuilt mice but it does support external in this kind of camera we need an additional mice and have to connect with our camera.

3-dvr/nvr configurations

In this step we have to do some configurations on dvr/xvr
1-go to main menu and select the option”camera” and select encode

2-and choose the option audio encode&Also select the channel

3-select the audio source
If we are using a camera with inbuilt mice then we have to choose HDCVI,or if we are using a camera without an inbuilt mice and using an external one then we have to choose the option LOCAL.
And save all settings and goto live view.

4-checking the result
In this step connect the dvr/nvr into a monitor using a hdmi.because the vga will not support audio signals,otherwise we can also use a pc client software.

 In this live view the top area we can see a symbol of a speaker phone.enable it.and you can visible the audio from the camera(the monitoring device should support audio)


2 thoughts on - how to configure audio

  • we are a huge company in Pakistan and we are using dahua product for surveillance. but now I am facing the issue.
    our NVR 5432-4ks2 version 4.0 not showing an audio decode option in GUI. We are trying to attach external MIc in our system.

    • Hi,
      The audio decode function depends on your front-end devices. If the front-end device connected to the certain channel does not support audio, the NVR won’t show audio decode function. If the front-end support audio function, you can select Camera->Encode->More Settings in NVR, and check the audio decode option.
      Hope it helps.