How to deal with the front-end camera display offline problem?

  176   Network Recorders

【1】Product Model(Version)

All models;
All versions firmware;

【2】Description of the problem

Camera goes online and offline frequently on NVR or EVS.

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)

1. Ensure that the network of NVR and front-end equipment is smooth.
2. First confirm that the IP of NVR/EVS equipment, IPC equipment and other network equipment does not have IP or MAC conflict.
3. Ensure that the network of the front-end equipment and the NVR/EVS equipment is connected, and the front-end equipment can be pinged in the background of the NVR/EVS. If the ping fails, please check the physical network and router. If there is no problem with the configuration, check the network mode and routing table of the NVR/EVS. Perform the following verification after confirming that the above conditions are normal.
4. Make sure that the front-end account is reused and the account password is correct. At the same time, confirm whether the front-end has a black and white list configured.
5. Ensure that the front end supports the access protocol used.
If it is added through Dahua’s private protocol, please use Dahua’s sdkdemo tool to test whether the front end is normal. If it is normal, you need to help collect print information and capture files.
    If it is onvif or the national standard protocol, please use the onvif test tool or national standard test tool to verify to see if the front-end supports the protocol, and can successfully log in and pull the code stream test through the protocol. If you use the test tool to verify that it is normal, please help collect printing information and capture files.


    Try to connect NVR/EVS to only one front end of this model. Will the above problems occur? If it is inconvenient, help collect NVR/EVS printing information and capture files. (If the data packet is very large when capturing, you can filter the port or IP to capture the packet). After the collection is completed, feedback to the research and development analysis. It is best if you can provide a front end with a problematic connection, so that you can save time to the greatest extent in debugging.