How to do port mapping in MXVR4104

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【1】Product Model(Version)

Dahua Model: MXVR4104
Firmware Version: Dahua general firmware

【2】Description of the problem

1. Client want to customize CPPLUS firmware, but they do not have MXVR4104 to test and check local/web interface.
2. So we want to make a port mapping in office network and customer could login check the web interface and confirm all requirements.

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)

1. We try to do the same port mapping like normal IPC/NVR/XVR, and mapping HTTP port, but we can not loin by public network.
2. Try to check with the LAN network, still can not login by web.
3. Ask rnd side, MXVR have to mapping two port, one is HTTP port, and another one is TCP port.


1.     ask IT help me mapping one more port.
2. Set mapping HTTP port and TCP port in MXVR interface.
3. After that, we test with LAN and WAN network, both can login web well.