How to downgrade firmware from NVR4.0 to NVR3.0

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【1】Product Model(Version)

Dahua Model: NVR5864-4KS2
Firmware Version: CPPLUS firmware


【2】Description of the problem

1. Client wants to downgrade the firmware from NVR4.0 to NVR3.0.
2. But client can’t update by web or local interface.

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)

1. Try to update by web and local to old firmware directly, but update error.
2. Try to update the old firmware by tftp, still can not update successful.
3. Ask rnd side there some limit about the downgrade from NVR4.0 to NVR3.0.


1.     Send two general firmware to customer.
2. Let customer update the last general firmware by tftp at first.
1. Let customer update the NVR3.0 general firmware by web interface.
2. Update the old CPPLUS by tftp: