How to setup Hotspare

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How to setup Hotspare


This article will show how to setup the Hotspare function on Dahua recorders.


  • An NVR that supports RAID and Hotspare
  • 3 or more hard drives installed on your NVR, including a drive that is not currently part of the RAID array.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Login to your NVR from the web interface.

2. Go to Setup->Storage->Advance

3. Select the drive you wish to assign as the Hotspare, and set that drive to “HDD Group 2”

4. Click, “OK”

5. Go to Setup->Storage->RAID->Hotspare

6. Click on the (pencil) icon.

7. Choose the RAID array you wish to assign the Hotspare drive to, and click, “OK”

8. Click, “OK” again on the confirmation dialogue.

9. Once complete, the drive should be listed under, “Type” as either, “Local Hotspare” or “Remote Hotspare”