How to setup PTZ Preset

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PTZ Preset Setup


This guide will show you how to setup presets on the PTZ camera
Preset function is to make the speed dome save the address parameters into the memorizer (such as PTZ pan/tilt, focal length and etc), and it can quickly call these parameters to adjust the PTZ and camera to the location when necessary, the operator can store and call preset via control keyboard conveniently.


  • Dahua PTZ camera
  • IP Address of Network PTZ

Step by Step Instructions

1. Right click the live view of your PTZ camera and select PTZ

2. Expand the PTZ menu

3. Select the settings button as shown below

4. Move PTZ to the desired preset location

5. Enter Desired preset number and select setup


1.Enter your DVR’s IP Address in the URL section of your browser

2.Log Into your Recorder with Admin permissions

3.Double Click your PTZ to pull up live view

4.Expand the PTZ Menu by clicking the down arrow

5.Expand the dropdown menu and select Preset

6.Select add to set the current position to preset one