How to setup the Thermal Temperature Solution with NVR

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Thermal Temperature Solution setup with NVR


This guide will cover the initial NVR, camera,and Blackbody setup and Configuration for the Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution


  • DH-TPC-BF3221-T or DH-TPC-BF5421-T Thermal Hybrid Network Camera
  • Thermal camera updated to latest firmware
  • JQ-D70Z Blackbody
  • Initial NVR Setup guide followed

Step by Step Instructions

Record Schedule Setup

Setup Video and Snapshot Recording for the Thermal Camera

From the Main Menu click Management > Camera

Under Registration

The thermal camera will appear in the Channel list as two channels, one for the visual channel and one for the thermal channel, in this example are Channels 1 and 2

Click Management > Storage

Click Schedule

Click Setting to adjust the Record schedule (when the camera will record) for the thermal camera channel

Use the interface to select the days and enter a Time Period. Select the Record type you wish to record for the camera: Alarm and IVS must be enable for the Temperature Alarm to record.

Click OK

The schedule will be updated

Click Copy

Select the other channel of the Thermal Camera (in this example Channel 2)

Click OK

Click the Snapshot tab

Configure the Snapshot schedule record settings the same way s the previous steps

Click OK to save

Click Storage > Record

Thermal Configuration

Configure the settings of the Temperature Monitoring Solution

1. From the Main Menu of the webUI select AI

2. Click Parameters > Smart Plan

Use the dropdown to select the Thermal Channel

3. Click to enable the Thermal Temperature Monitoring Smart Plan

Click OK

Return to the Main Menu by closing the AI tab (clicking X)

4. Click Alarm

5. Click Thermal Alarm

Use the dropdown to select the Thermal Channel

Select Thermal Temperature Monitoring

6. Check the box to enable feature

Check the box to enable desired camera hardware response on alarm:

  • Camera Audio – audio from camera speaker
  • White Light – light from camera

To record Alarms, check the box next to Record Channel and select which channel(s) to record

Click More Setting

Check to enable Alarm Upload

Click OK

Set temperature values for the alarm to trigger

5. Click Setting next to Anatomy Temperature Alarm Rule

Check the box to enable Temperature report – this will report/display all temperature values

Check the box to enable High Temperature Alarm – an alarm will be sent when the temperature is higher than or equal to this value

Click OK

Draw Rule for Detection Region

By default the entire camera frame will be set as the detection region

1. Click Clear to default the Rule

Click Draw Rule

2. Left click inside the frame to begin drawing the detection zone.

Click and drag to draw lines to complete a square/box


This detection zone will be the blue box displayed in Live View interface:

Blackbody Setup

1. From Main Menu click Alarm > Thermal Alarm

  • Use the dropdown box to select the Thermal channel
  • Use the dropdown to select Blackbody Error

2. Check the box to Enable

The default Blackbody rule will be displayed on screen as a blue box

Click to drag the box to position

Click the corners to adjust the size of the box

Click Setting next to Blackbody Parameter to adjust the settings of the Blackbody

Check the box to Enable

Enter desired Blackbody parameters (leave at default for most scenarios)

Blackbody temperature should be set to 95 F / 35 C

Click OK to save

Additional Alarm Parameters

Select which Channel(s) will be recorded as a video

Check to enable Picture Storage for snapshot/images taken during event

2. Click More Setting

Check the box next to Alarm Upload

Select any other desired Alarm parameters:

Click OK

Click OK to save all settings

Event Verification

Live View will display the detection zone and Blackbody reference

Once configuration is complete, go to Live interface to verify temperature measurement

Live View (at local interface/monitor) will show the detection zone and blackbody reference

Live View (Right click > AI Mode enabled)

  • Temperature detection value will appear
  • Statistics will be displayed in top right of screen
  • Live events will populate the right side of the screen
  • Check measurement value on screen
  • Compare it with the value on another device for temperature, such as thermometer: