How to solve Hikvision camera offline issue in NVR4832

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【1】Product Model(Version)

Dahua Model: NVR4832
Firmware Version: CP firmware

【2】Description of the problem

A site having an issue,  Hikvision Camera getting offline in our  NVR CP-UNR-432T8  for 10-12 seconds but Camera ping doesn’t break and camera continually  accessing on web.

Earlier issue was that the same NVR with firmware 10-04-2015 was restarting so we have provided them two firmware after upgrading NVR with these firmware restarting issue has been resolved But Hikvision Camera start getting offline in NVR for 10-12 seconds.

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)

1. We have told them to upgrade Hikvision camera, after upgrading camera issue was still same.
2. Then we have provided them 2 more firmware one after another but after upgrading NVR with these firmware issue is still same.
3. Collect a sniffer and print logs from NVR side, and let rnd checked. We found camera side has some issue to send data.


1.     Let customer ask camera side to update the camera firmware