How to troubleshoot the loss of recording in all channels of NVR

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【1】Product Model(Version)

All models;
All firmware versions;

【2】Description of the problem

1. The progress bar is continuous;
2. The progress bar is not continuous;

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)

1) Continuous progress bar
The progress bar is continuous, but when the playback is suddenly switched to the recording of another time period, it may be caused by time synchronization. You can check whether there is a time synchronization record in the log in the NVR device. In addition, time synchronization may also cause overlapping of recordings, and the illusion of recording loss or second skipping may also occur during playback.
There is no bit stream transmission at the front end, which leads to short-term (about 30 seconds loss) video loss. Processed offline.
The system time of the front end is inconsistent with the system time of the NVR/EVS. At this time, there will be a jump when the video is played back on the hour. In this case, you can watch the video by playing back by file or downloading by file. And set the time synchronization to avoid similar problems in the future.

2) The progress bar is not continuous
Whether the NVR device has restarted. If there is a restart, check whether the device restart log is 0x00. If it is 0x00, it means that it is a man-made or other normal restart. If the restart flag is not 0x00, solve it according to the above abnormal restart processing method.
Whether the front-end equipment is powered off/restarted/disconnected can be checked through related logs.
Whether the router or switch has any abnormality can be confirmed according to its related log.
Check the configuration in NVR/EVS. For example: video control, video settings, coverage in general settings, whether there is a locked video, whether to open a holiday.
Check whether the system time of the NVR device has been synchronized at the point in time when the video is lost.
The front end does not send the code stream to the NVR. At this time, the NVR/EVS will reconnect the front end, which is intuitively displayed as intermittent recording on the NVR/EVS. If the front-end display is online, but there is no real-time image, please refer to “Local audio and video freeze”.
 The hard disk is damaged, the status is wrong, the Raid group is damaged, whether the hard disk is unplugged, you can check the NVR/EVS log.
If the local real-time monitoring of the NVR is normal, and the configuration and storage media are normal, or the recording can be queried before, but it cannot be queried later. Please provide a remote debugging environment and contact R&D for processing. (There may be a problem with the hard disk or Raid partition)