how to Update the Firmware via USB Drive

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Firmware Update via USB Drive


This article is to show you how to update the firmware of your Dahua device via a USB drive at the recorder

Note: All devices should be “Factory Reset” once the firmware update is complete.


  • Dahua device
  • USB drive with the firmware file for the device

Step by Step Instructions

1. Download Firmware and copy to USB such as a flash drive ➞ Insert USB into recorders USB port.

2. It will prompt for option to upgrade, Click System upgrade ➞ Click Start.

3. Browse for firmware ➞ Open firmware folder is in ➞ Select Bin File ➞ Click Start. Device will reboot once finished.


1. From the Main Menu, click Operation

2. Click System Maintain > Upgrade

3. Click the System Upgrade in the middle of the page.

4. Select the Firmware file from the list

Click OK

5. The firmware update will begin.

Make sure to not unplug the power during this process.

6. The NVR will reboot as the final step of the process