how to update the firmware via WebUI

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Firmware Update via WebUI


This page will show you how to update the firmware of your Dahua device via the WebUI


  • Dahua device with network connection
  • Local Windows computer
  • Firmware file for device downloaded to computer

Step by Step Instructions

Old WebGUI

Step 1: From IE(Internet Explorer) type in the devices IP address on the IE address bar → login with credentials.

Step2: Setup → System → Upgrade

Step 3: Click on “Browse” → Select correct firmware

  • Click on “Upgrade”
  • Device will reboot after upgrade is finished.

New WebGUI

1. Enter the IP of the device into a browser

At the Web Login

Enter the Username and Password

Click Login

2. Click Operation

3. Click System Maintain

4. Click Upgrade

5. Click Browser

6. Locate the firmware file

Click Open

7. Click Upgrade to begin the update process

8. A message will appear to confirm the upgrade process

9. When the upgrade is complete the device will reboot