How to use an NVR as backup device of an XVR

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How to use an NVR as backup device of an XVR

Offer a complete solution to our customers is one of our priority. A good operation to increase the security of your video surveillance system is to have a real time backup device to duplicate your record files.

We have different way to solve these requirements, as for example the use of a NAS which is expensive and sometimes requires deep technical knowledge to set.

Here, we show you a different solution to provide a customer with a safe, cheap, and easy to configure solution: the use of a Dahua NVR.

Step 1: Access to your NVR and go to the registration page

After that you installed the NVR with a proper IP address you can access to it through Web interface or Config tool:

After that you access to the Web interface with username and password, go to Management–>Camera–>Registration

Step 2: Look for the XVR in the network

If you don’t know the IP address of your XVR, or just to check if it is online and there is no firmware problem, is always good to start a device search from the interface of your NVR. To do that go to Management–>Camera–>Registration and then press on Device search

As you can see you will find the XVR in the network as it is a device that is not added to the NVR yet.

Step 3: Add all the channels of the XVR to the NVR

Now that we know the IP address of the XVR, and we are sure that is correctly connected, we can proceed to the adding process. Press on “Manual add” on the previous interface. A new window will pop up.

Now, insert all the correct information as IP address of the XVR, and password. Then on the section of “Channel No.”(Channel number), insert the correct number of the channels of the XVR (for example 4, 8 or 16). Then press ok.

You will see that automatically, all the channels of your XVR will be added to the device list of the NVR. Note that the IP address is always the same and that the Remote channel goes to 1 to 8. To see the channels online, press on “Refresh” button.

Step 4: Choose what kind of backup you want for your XVR

Since all the channels of the XVR are added just as normal channels of the NVR, you can manage them anyway you prefer in the Storage schedule. To do that, go to Management–>Storage–>Schedule.

Here you can choose which kind of record you want to storage on the NVR. In the example below we choose the classic “Regular” recording:

The operations are completed, as you can see it is easy and really quick to set an NVR as backup device.


In this manual we took as example an XVR, but we can do the same operation also with another NVR or with an old model of DVR. Potentially, you can use this operation also with a third part device, adding it to the Dahua NVR through ONVIF protocol.