How to Use Wifi USB Adapter

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How to Use Wifi USB Adapter with Dahua Recorder


This guide will show how to use Wifi USB adapter with Dahua recorder
This should only be used with a limited number of cameras due to wireless bandwidth limitations. Be sure to keep the bit rate below what the USB Wifi adapter can handle.

NOTE Not all USB Wifi Adapters are compatible with Dahua recorders. Not all Dahua recorders have the WiFi option. Please ensure your device meets the Prerequisites before attempting to complete these instructions. Usually a USB adapter that is compatible with Raspberry Pi devices will work with Dahua recorders.


  • Dahua NVR or DVR with Wifi section visible under, “Network”
  • USB Wifi Adapter-Raspberry Pi 150M USB WiFi Wireless Adapter LAN w/Antenna Ralink RTL8188CU Chip

Step by Step Instructions

1. Plug in the USB Wifi Adapter

Go to Live View

At the Live View a prompt will appear when the USB Wifi Adapter is recognized by the system

Click Yes

2. The WiFi interface will appear

Check the box to enable

3. A list of discovered wireless networks will appear

Double click a network in the list to select and configure

4. Select the Verification and Encryption type of the WiFi network using the dropdown boxes

5. Click the field next to ‘Input Password’ and enter the password for the network

6. Use the parameters to set the connection type to the network, either DHCP or enter a static IP for the device

7. Click Save

Click Connect

8. Once the device is connected to the network the device’s network information will be listed in the menu: