New GUI How To Use Smart Search

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New GUI How To Use Smart Search


This article will show you how to use the Smart Search feature to review recorded events with added analytics.

Smart Features include:

Face Detection

Face Recognition


People Counting

Heat Map

The features of different devices vary and the Smart Search options available depends which feature the device supports.


  • Supported device with Smart Search feature
  • Recorded footage with Smart Detection Data (SMD, Face, IVS)

Step by Step Instructions

Smart Search by Face Detection

1. From the Main Menu click AI

2. Click Smart Search > Face Detection

3. Use the drop-down box to select the Channel to search

4. Use the Start Time / End Time fields to enter a date range for the search

5. Click ‘Smart Search’ once parameters have been set

6. The search results will be displayed

7. Double click any entry to begin playback

8. Use the buttons above the search result to Export and Backup any entries

Click to highlight/select a single entry

Use the checkbox to select multiple entries at once

Smart Search by IVS

1. Enter the Main Menu

  • Right click at live view then select “Main Menu”

2. Click Smart Detection

3. Click Smart Search – on the left side of the screen

You can search recorded SMD, Human Face, and IVS data.

This guide will use IVS but the procedure is similar.

4. Use the drop-down menu to select the Channel # to search and the Type of IVS rule to search for

5. Click the Begin and End time to enter a time range for the search

6. Click Search

7. The Search results will appear in the center of the screen

The results can be displayed in Graph or List (shown below)

Both will show the Event Type, Time and include a snapshot (if enabled)

8. You can quickly playback the Event by

Graph View: Double click the Event

List View: Click the icon under “Playback”

9. To Export an event use the checkbox to select the Events you wish to Export then click Export int he bottom right of the screen. A USB drive must be inserted in the unit to Export the files to.