NVR How to install HDD

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NVR How to install HDD


This article will show how to install a HDD on the Dahua NVRs

The images came from NVR 72-8P series.


  • NVR42/42-P/42-8P/72/72-8P/42-4K/42-8P-4K Series
  • surveillance HDD

Step by Step Instructions

1. Loosen the screws of the upper cover and side panel.

2. Fix four screws in the HDD (Turn just three rounds).

3. Place the HDD in accordance with the four holes in the bottom.

  • Do not drill through the ribbon to the left of the HDD.

4. Turn the device upside down and then turn the screws in firmly.

5. Fix the HDD firmly.

6. Connect the HDD cable and power cable.

7. Put the cover in accordance with the clip and then place the upper cover back.

8. Secure the screws in the rear panel and the side panel.