How to check time attendance report on SmartPSS

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How to check time attendance report on SmartPSS


This article will show you How to check time attendance report on SmartPSS


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Step by Step Instructions

When you use access control device as time attendance, please set A&C device as time attendance in console. If it is paired with time attendance, then you can extract card info on time attendance.

In Report interface, you can search and extract statistical info. It supports processing of abnormal attendance.

Extract Attendance Info

If attendance info is only saved at local, then you can extract attendance info into client.

Step 1 Click .

Step 2 Click Extract. System shows Manual Extract Record interface.

Step 3 Set manual extract time and date, click Extract.


After you extract attendance info, you shall click Search button to refresh attendance info.

Attendance Statistics

It supports statistics of attendance by time, user or department and export to local.

Step 1 Click .

Step 2 Click tab you want to view,

Step 3 Click Extract to save result as xlsx file at local.

Exception Attendance Processing

Abnormal attendance processing including absence as off duty, or late or early leave fixes.

Step 1 Click .

Step 2 Click Exception tab.

Step 3 Set search criteria and click Search.

Step 4 Click of item you want to change. In the pop-up window, fix attendance accordingly.

If you want to set exception to off duty, then this fixed item will be no longer shown in exception and meantime an off duty request is created.

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    Is Time & Attendance Terminal like ASA1222G mandatory to utilize attendance reporting?
    Can we use two readers DAHUA ASR2201D-B protecting one door for time attendance reports? One reader would record entering premises, another leaving. Time between leaving and entering in the same day would count as work break.

    We prefer to have bluetooth A/C device and units on booth side of the door.


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