How to config the ASC device to work with DSS express

  710   SmartPSS

【1】Product Model(Version)

Test Model and VersionASC1204B-S: General_ASC1204B-S_V1.104.0000000.1.R.20190817DSS express: General_DSS-Express_win32_IS_V1.000.0000003.1.R.20190817

【2】Description of the problem

Config the ASC device to work with DSSexpress

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)

Configuration problem


1. Add the device to the express Click the device button and then fill the device information correctly. Then the device will be online.

2. Configuration in the Access Control module (1)Click the Access Control button

(2)you can config the channel,like Door configuration and Event configuration.

(3)you can set Global Control group. One key to unlock the door or lock the door

(4)you can set the Time Template Management which you want to set.

(5) set Access Level. Door Group is very important. You can choose the channel to make up a door group.

(6)Add door rules. If there are no users, add the user’s information in the personal management.

About picture, you can upload the picture.ID is the most important.

You can input password,and use “userID+password” to unlock the door. You can issue card by card issuer or device reader. You can issue fingerprint by fingerprint issuer or device reader.

 (7)Authorize the user information to the device and the door group.

(8)about the event information and record. You can see the log in the A&C log. You can search and export the logs.

(9)If the DSS broken, you can extract the offline log on the device after it returns to normal.