How to config the attendance device to be used with PSS

  263   SmartPSS

【1】Product Model(Version)

Test Model and VersionASA2212A(V2):General_ASA2212A_Eng_V3.003.0000001.0.R.20180719.zipSmartPSS: General_SMARTPSS-Win32_ChnEng_IS_V2.003.0000000.0.R.190802

【2】Description of the problem

Use the SmartPss to config the attendance device

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)

Configuration problem


1. Add the attendance device to PSS. Fill in the following information correctly

 Then you can see the device is online

2. Issure IC card to the device Click the attendance module

Fill the information correctly. you can fill the card No. you can use card issuer or device reader to read the card No. Input fingerprint

 Then upload Users to the attendance device.

3. Set attendance information
Create a new Attendance Timezone.

There are two timezone that you can choose. One is fixed and another is flexible

 Create a new attendance shift.

You can modify the shift information.

 Arrange attendance schedule for department staff

 4. Attendance record You can find all the attendance record in the PSS.

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