How to export device record on SmartPSS

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How to export device record on SmartPSS


This article will show you how to export device record on SmartPSS


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1. Condition

There is device record inside channel.

2. Operation Steps

Step 1

In playback interface, click Device tab.

Step 2

In Organization Tree, select device channel or select view in View.

Step 3

Set record search criteria.

(1)Select record type and stream, and set time.

(2)Click Search.

Step 4

Select window with record, click .

Step 5

Click , system select one record, and adjust record part according to actual need, click again to export record.

Step 6

Select export path and format.


When the Export Format is set to Original Format, please also check the Export Smart Player, export original format player.

Step 7

Click OK.

Step 8

The system displays the playback stop information, click OK.

The system displays the Export Progress dialog box

After recording the download is complete, the system prompts the download is complete.

Click Exporting tab, you can view the video download progress, pause the video being exported to continue downloading the paused video, download again the video failed and delete exporting video; click exported tab, you can view download history and open video storage path.