How to Install SmartPSS for OSX

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How to Install SmartPSS for OSX


This tutorial is showing how to install SmartPSS on Mac computer.


  • The procedures will require a Mac computer and SmartPSS already downloaded.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Download SmartPSS

2. Go to downloads and select the SmartPSS file.

3. Highlight SmartPSS ➞ Right Click and a sub menu will show ➞ Click on Open.

4. The MAC OSx security will block the installation of the “SmartPSS_Beta” software.

5. Go to the “System Preferences” option, “General” and you will see at the bottom the option to “Open Anyway”.

6. After downloading the “SmartPSS” software, move it from the download folder to the application folder.

7. Double click on the software to start the installation.

8. You will get this message when the installation is successful.

9. Double click on the “SmartPSS” icon. Setup a password.

10. Add a device.

11. Allow incoming network connections.

12. Congratulations, Software installed.