How to make Inter-door lock for access control on SmartPSS

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How to make Inter-door lock for access control on SmartPSS


This article will show you How to make Inter-door lock or access control on SmartPSS


  • SmartPSS
  • ASC1204B-S

Step by Step Instructions

Access controller must be added into SmartPSS client. You can click ‘Configuration / Devices’ to add it on the SmartPSS home page.

In Permission Management interface, click Inter-door Lock, to set inter-lock between two doors on one access controller. When one door is unlocked, other doors will be locked. If you want to unlock one door (under normal status), all of the others shall be locked, otherwise you cannot unlock this door.

Step 1

Click , select Inter-door Lock.

Step 2

Click Add. The system displays the interface of Multi-door Lock.

Step 3

Select multi-door lock and set parameters. For details, see the following chart。

DeviceSelect the device which needs to set anti-pass back rule.
NameCustomize anti-pass back rule name.
PeriodSelect the period to implement inter-door lock rule.Note: It needs to set these parameters when the selected device is inter-door controller.
RemarkRemark info.
Door groupInter-lock between door groups. If there is door unlocked in door group 1, then you cannot unlock doors in group 2 unless the door is locked in group 1. Supports max 16 door groups, each group supports max 16 doors.

Step 4

Click OK. The system will automatically issue data and inter-door lock setting is completed. Inter-door lock config is enabled by default after it is set.