How to make user manangement on SmartPSS

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How to make user management on SmartPSS


This article will show you How to make user management on SmartPSS for access control system


  • SmartPSS
  • ASC1204B-S, ASR1201D

Step by Step Instructions

1. Access controller must be added into SmartPSS client. You can click ‘Configuration / Devices’ to add it on the SmartPSS home page.

In Access interface, you can click on the left to enter User Management interface, to manage all users

1Department TreeDepartment management, support to add/delete/edit department organization and people count.
2User InfoUser management, show corresponding user info under department node. Manage user and user card. Sort user by user ID, card no., card type and department.

2. Department Management

At department node or blank area in department tree, you can right click to operate

Add DepartmentAdd department sub node or level 1 department node. Name of departments at same level cannot be repeated.
Edit DepartmentEdit department name
Delete DepartmentDelete existing department. You cannot delete department which contains user.
Search DepartmentSupport search of department node keyword

3. User Management

3-1 Set card type

If card type and card reader do not match, then you cannot read card no.!

Step 1

In User Management interface, you can click button, select type of card you use.

Step 2

Set card type, CPU card supports encryption

3-2 Add User

Step 1

On User Management interface, select department on the device tree and click.

Step 2

Click Basic Info and configure personnel basic info

Basic InfoUser ID【mandatory】 Name【mandatory】 Department【Auto】 Card no.:input by card reader and manually Card type:general card, VIP card, guest card, blacklist card, patrol card, and duress card Unlock password:only used for unlock via password Card password:used for card+password unlock Number of use:only for guest card Validity:card validity, 10 years by default Picture:user photo, max 120K Note: Card no. and user ID cannot be repeated.
Fingerprint InfoCollect fingerprint via fingerprint device and reader Each user can have up to 3 fingerprints Support input of fingerprint name
DetailsGender, title, education and etc.

Step 3

Click Fingerprint Info, select fingerprint device and then input fingerprint info according to interface tips.

Supports max 3 fingerprints for everyone, besides, it also supports fingerprint name.

Step 4

Configure details for personnel. Then click Finish and save config.

3-3 More Operation

In User Management interface, you can set more operation as flow temp.

Modify user info
Delete user info
Clear user card no. and delete card info in devic
Freeze card no. in device. You can click unfreeze if you want to restore frozen card.