How to Save grid in Smart PSS Software

  91   SmartPSS

【1】Product Model(Version)

 SmartPSS Software

【2】Description of the problem

 Save Live View Grid in SmartPSS Software

【3】Problem Processing (Root Cause)

Download & Install SmartPSS Software

  • You can Download from Website, Tool Box.


  1. Open SmartPSS Software. And, Then Login with Username & Password.
  1. After Successfully Login. Add Device in Software. Then, go to Live view Section.

Then, You can see in bottom (Right Side) Manual grid setup option.

  1. Then, Click the Manual option setup. You can choose multiple option for setup grid.

You can choose Accordingly. After choosing grid, Click “Save View” option.

4. Then, Add Name, Group Name, And save to Monitor Plan.

  1. Then, Click On Default Group, then Select your Group Name.

So, You can see your select grid and also, this grid save in software.