How to set Crossing Virtual Fence Detection on SmartPSS

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Introduction to the text

How to set Crossing Virtual Fence on SmartPSS


This article will show you how to set IVS rule ‘Crossing Virtual Fence’ on SmartPSS


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Step by Step Instructions

In Smart Plan interface, select Next or config, here you can set IVS.

Crossing Virtual Fence setting

When a target crosses upper and lower fences, alarm is triggered.

Step 1

Click Add rule.

Step 2

Enable rule and modify rule name and type.

(1)Enable rule, means to enable corresponding IVS rule.

(2)Modify rule name.

(3)In Rule type dropdown list, select Crossing Virtual Fence.

Step 3

In monitoring video, draw fence, and right click to stop drawing.


  • In drawing status, click Clear to delete existing fence.
  • Select upper or lower fence, click Re-draw to draw again.

Step 4

Set parameter, arm time and alarm link.

Click Config, set parameter

DirectionMovement of target and setup direction are the same, as intrusion. It supports setup direction of A→B, B→A, A↔B.

Click Arming Schedule, select week and period, enter start time and end time.


Default is 24-hour every day.

(3)Click Alarm tab, set link

(4)Click OK to save.

Step 5

Draw target filter box, Filter box is used to filter object that is too big or too small, so only when a target is inside the box, it will alarm.

Select Enable.

Select filter method:

Width or height, as any of the two factors is matched, target will be kept.

Width and height, as both of the two factors are matched, target will be kept.

Click Draw, and draw filter box in video window. Select filter box, drag four angles to zoom in or out.


Select filter box, click Clear to delete box.

Step 6
       Click Save