How to set Heat Map on SmartPSS

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How to Set Heat Map on SmartPSS


This article will show you how to set Heat Map on SmartPSS


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Step by Step Instructions

Make statistics about accumulated density of moving targets in the fixed scenario, distinguished by different colors, from blue to red. Blue means lowest heat value while red means highest heat value.

   1. Enabling Heat Map

Step 1

Click Next after setting preset on the interface of Scene Config.

Step 2

Select scene according to requirement.

Step 3

Click and select the smart plan of heat map.

The smart plan is selected when the white frame appears next to the icon. If you select other smart plans (mutually exclusive with heat map), first it needs to click corresponding icon to cancel selection, then click to select smart plan of heat map.

    2. Configuring Heat Map Rule

Step 1

Click Enable.

Step 2

Modify Rule Name.

Step 3

Configure arm period and alarm linkage.

(1) Click Config.

(2)Click Arming Schedule, select week and period according to actual needs, input start time and end time.


The factory default time is 24 hours every day.

(3) Click Alarm and set alarm linkage mode.

For more parameter details, see the blew Chart

(4)Click Save

Step 4

Click Save and save config.